The changing times is leading many of us towards buying a personal vehicle as a safe choice. If you are planning to shop for new wheels, but are not sure which one’s right for you, here’s a little assistance to help you narrow the choice down to a hatchback, sedan, SUV or a MUV. Once you pick the body type, deciding on the brand and model becomes easy. We make the job a cake walk with digitized loan processes that can get you on the wheels with no paper work backed with the best deals.

Buckle your seatbelts and let’s drive you right through the perfect car for your needs!


The best choice for city commutes or office-goers would be fuel efficient hatchbacks. They usually have seating for four-five people and are almost always a tight squeeze. These steeply raked hatchbacks have better boot space capacity too. With easy maneuverability, it is a go-to choice for people who wish to master driving and judgement of a car on road. Their compact design makes it easy to beat traffic compared to other car body types giving hatchbacks extra brownie points for city commutes.



The most popular body style with typically two rows of seats is known for its decent fuel economy along with great handling and performance. Sedans are the go-to-choice for executives because of their appeal. Sedans are usually loaded with great features and give emphasis to safety. While they are not ideally designed for long travels, hybrid versions of sedans can be a trusted mode to opt for your weekend getaways. If you are in search of a practical, commuter car with space for passengers, plush interiors and looks, a sedan should be your ideal pick.

Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV):

If you are an adrenaline junkie with a budget to spare then a SUV is the perfect car for you. This 6 to 8 seater goes anywhere you choose to take it, be it off-roading or long travels across cities with great ground clearance. This ideal 4x4 is a tough and rugged machine suitable for all kinds of terrains. With spacious interiors, large boot space, and safety-features; a SUV proves to be one of the best travel companions for your adventures beyond the map.

Multi Utility Vehicle (MUV):

Commonly known as the soft roader, a MUV is made for long distance family travels. Designed for the large Indian family, this 8 seater is a safe and trustworthy option to go for at a price. The height of the car helps drivers get a better view of the road, while the tough exteriors keeps the passengers safe at all times. Hence, the MUV is the safest option for the family man in you.  

Now that you’ve got the right car for you, we are here to assist you with the right finance so that you don’t have to compromise while making this big choice. With Kuwy’s digitized loan processing, your car loan is as simple as ‘Click & Drive.’ All you need to do is download the Kuwy app. Be it a sedan, SUV or a hatchback, we bring you the best deals with no paper work and running around.

Buying a car has never been this easy! 

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