Top Seven Ideas to Get the Best Resale Value for your Car

Are you looking to resale your car? How do you evaluate its price? Well! Reselling your used car is a good idea at this time, but the problem lies in proposing the resale value of the car. Selling your car is a long process and no doubt about it. The resale value of your car depends on the condition of the used car. You will have to think of various ways to maximize resale value for the used car. To help you with that, we have come up with a few ideas which satisfy the seller's intensity.

 This article helps you understand your car's health and set a value accordingly, and also makes the best deal between you and the buyer.

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 Top 7 Ideas to Get the Best Resale Value for your Car

  1. Do research online
  2. Ensure accurate documentation
  3. Have a duplicate key
  4. Visit a service station
  5. Fix the dents and scratches
  6. Ensure smooth drive
  7. Add style quotient

 Do research online:

  • To continue or start with any work, research is very important. In extreme cases where you are held up with confusion, research takes you to the right place. Same way, when you want to increase the resale value of the used car, do research online and understand the present price of the car in the market.
  • Better to approach someone who has sold his/her car for clarity or can go for a free online used car valuation tool that provides an anchor price during the sales.

Ensure accurate documentation

  • Complete documentation related to the car is mandatory. Ensure accurate documentation while presenting it to the buyer, as it creates goodwill, and chances to increase the resale value becomes high.
  • It's important to furnish every legal paper and document for your car. This means that you need to make sure that everything is in place before you head out to sell your car. Documents such as original Registration Certificate (RC), Insurance Policy (updated) Pollution Certificate, and Warranty documents of various accessories like batteries, tires, etc., should be kept safe. Proper documentation will surely increase the resale value of the car!

Have a duplicate key

  • To stay on the safer side, have a duplicate key to your car. In case you lose the original key, a duplicate will help you drive with no worries. Of course! The new owner needs it.

Visit a service station

  • Make your car look glam! It should glide smoothly on the roads when the buyer goes for a test drive. Eventually, it's an add-on bonus.
  • The service might cost you around Rs.5000-8000, and it depends on the model and variant. But, this moderate investment will pay you back with decent negotiation.
  • Comprehensive service at an authorized dealership will infuse a fresh lease of life to your car and don’t hesitate to change all the necessary things such as oil filter, air filter, engine oil, gear oil, AC filter, etc., during the service. 

Fix the dents and scratches

  • A few dents or scratches on the car are very normal but can influence the resale value of the car by giving an impression of low maintenance.
  • It's advisable to fix all the dents and damages on the car before sales. It is not a costly affair and slight surface irregularities can be easily done away with. 

Ensure smooth drive

  • A car without any mechanical problem with all the parts working in perfect harmony is the preferred choice of buyers on any given day.
  • When a prospective buyer asks for a test drive, ensure to highlight the smoothness with which your car glides over roads. Later attach a premium to this smoothness when you sit down for price negotiations.

Add style quotient

  • Add accessories to your car if necessary. It provides a better appearance and enhances the car's glam. Keep it limited and don't overboard.
  • Other accessories like door protectors, side rubbing protective strips, bumper protectors, and window visors can pull out the car's beauty and focus on protection.
  • This enhanced look will help you increase the resale value of your used car while finalizing the deal.


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