Tips to maintain the good resale value of your car

It’s agreeable when I say that today cars are a sense of fashion rather than a medium of transport. We analyze a lot of aspects before investing in a car. While some of us buy a new car, some prefer a second-hand car. This blog will be informative for those who are looking to sell their cars at the best price.

When to Sell Your Car?

The time to sell a car can be a common skepticism and can be cleared with the following suggestions:

  1. Year End- Time has a huge impact on the resale value. Year-end sales are very common and are the time when people usually buy cars. Hence, selling your car before the year-end can fetch good rates.

  2. High Maintenance Costs- Service and maintenance costs are skyrocketing especially when the car becomes old. Cars can be sold within a 2-5 year period as we needn’t bear the high costs.

  3. Warranty Period- During the warranty period, we needn’t bear the brunt of high service costs as the warranty covers it. So selling the car before the warranty period expires can give us a profit.

  4. Need of Money- If we are in dire need of money, selling our car can be an option to earn some cash.

  5. Transfer- If we are moving to another city or even a country, moving our car with us can be a tiring task as there is a lot of paperwork that needs to be done. Moreover, if we are relocating to another country, there is a lot of cash involved. Hence, selling our car is the better option here.

  6. Buying the Latest Car- There are a lot of car fanatics out here and this one’s for you guys. If you’re constantly changing your car, exchanging your old car can be the most viable option. 

Increasing Your Car’s Value

Now that we have seen the best time to sell your car, it’s time to explore the ways to fetch the best amount for it. Maintaining your car’s resale value requires a lot of care and patience. Here are some tips to maintain the car’s resale value:

  1. Drive Gently
    The harder you drive a car, the more the wear and tear. Change the gears slowly, press the brakes, accelerator and clutch gently. Harsh usage can lead to jolty car movements and can take a toll on the car’s longevity.

  2. Servicing
    Servicing your car regularly is very crucial even if there are no damages to the car. Car manufacturers usually recommended servicing the car for every 12000 km driven. If the car is driven regularly and in adverse conditions, it should be serviced every 5000 kms or 3 months (Whichever comes first).

  3. Keep Your Car Clean
    Road grime, bird poo, tree leaves, mud etc., can make your car grubby. Cleaning at regular intervals will not leave dirty imprints on the car. Inside the car avoid smoking, drinking and eating as they leave a heavy. Use car scents for a good fragrance. Additionally, use floor mats to avoid dirty footprints and do not let pets in the car as their hairs can be tough to remove.

  4. Avoid The Sun
    Cars have a metallic coating that is prone to lose their shine when exposed to sunlight. During summer try parking the car in a shady place. If push comes to shove, using an undercover can be a good option. It protects the color as well as from dirt and dust.

  5. Wax, Sealant, Ceramic and Teflon Coating
    Coating your car can retain its shine and the paint does not wear off easily.
    Wax is a diverse blend of malleable organic solids that can be used to coat a car for paint protection.
    A sealant is synthetic wax and is slightly more robust than wax. It is also used for paint preservation.
    Ceramic material has become the substitute for wax and it has a unique curing property. It means it becomes hard and it chemically bonds to the car’s surface. Once they’re applied and cured, they become resistant to water, pollutants, dust and dirt. Furthermore, they provide much better durability by being hostile towards heat, the sun’s UV rays and environmental contaminants.
    Another alternative for wax coating is Teflon coating which is a polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) based compound that forms a superficial coating on the paint surface. The only difference between Ceramic and Teflon is that ceramic coating has a high initial cost but has a longer life while Teflon coating is cheaper but needs regular coats.

  6. Excessive Mileage
    Mileage and value are inversely proportional. Public transport can be used to travel frequently and for long travels, car rentals are an option. Another popular way to commute is to carpool.

  7. Say No to Accidents
    Accidents and collisions can cause scratches and dents which automatically bring down the car's value. Keep in mind all the traffic rules and drive safely. Even if there is an accident, repair the car immediately. While selling your car there shouldn’t be any visible damages. Treat your car as an investment rather than just a vehicle.

  8. Fluids and Tyres
    There are 7 fluids in a car that needs to be changed every three years or 3000 miles:
    a) Oil
    b) Radiator Fluid
    c) Transmission Fluid
    d) Power Steering Fluid
    e) Brake Fluid
    f) AC Coolant
    g) Windshield Water Fluid
    Every car’s tires need to be replaced every 5 to 6 years as they can be worn out. 
  9. Rust
    Rust is a metal’s worst enemy. A small layer of rust converter onto the metal can prevent rust and makes the car look as good as new.

  10. Polishing the Lights
    A car’s illumination is quite important and it tends to deteriorate over time. The headlights and tail lamps should be kept in working condition. For lights usually, stock bulbs are used and they can be replaced by OEMs (reduces cost).

  11. Warranty Period
    Sell your car under warranty cover as we needn’t spend money on repairs and service and it would fetch a higher value. The warranty remains intact even after the vehicle transfer.

  12. Documents
    Maintain all car documents as it has a positive influence over the buyers. The documents required to sell cars are:
  1. RC- Registration Certificate
  2. PUC- Pollution Under Control Certificate
  3. Insurance 
  4. Application Of Insurance Transfer 
  5. Invoice of Car Purchase
  6. NOC- No Objection Certificate- It’s for cars bought using loans.
  7. Road Tax Receipt 
  8. Owner’s Manual
  9.  Fancy Equipment
    Adding a few basic accessories can make the car look appealing but do not go overboard as it can increase the price points thereby reducing the number of potential buyers.

Hope this blog was informative and gave the readers an idea about reselling a car. Kuwy is your destination if you’re looking forward to reselling your car or buying one. They connect you with authentic resellers with valid documents. Happy and fun learning.

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