Things to keep in mind when buying your first car

Purchasing a car is a dream-come-true moment for everyone. It has been considered one of the major milestones that one can achieve when they start earning. Although the idea of buying your first car is exciting, it can be quite tedious, if there is no research or planning. But what will you research about? Well, we are here to sort that out for you.

Decide your budget

We know you must have thought about it but it is quite important to sit and decide a proper budget for your car. Purchasing the car doesn’t end when you drive it home, you need to consider the insurance, registration and taxes, as well. Adding to it are the emergency repairs, fuel, parking and toll taxes, in case you are planning for long road trips in your own car. For your first car, it is ideal to choose a car with the lowest maintenance.

Car Considerations

During your research, the things you need to check are its resale value, if it is a low maintenance vehicle, how much the insurance will cover, petrol and diesel options (based on the prices in the market), the most upgraded models, new innovations like electric vehicles, and more. Convenient car features that include power windows, power steering and bluetooth connectivity are now basic features in your car. What you need to check before buying your car are the safety and security features.


The first and foremost thing to do when looking for finance options is to browse through several options, be it banks or other money-lending platforms for the most affordable options, flexible EMIs and lowest interest rates. Check your credit score before applying for a loan so that you know the best options for you.

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