The rise in temperatures initially seems to be a relief from the sharp winter cold, but that is a fleeting moment before the temperature reaches over 45℃ in many parts of India. Sunstrokes or heat strokes become a common occurrence. These sunstrokes are not just harmful for you but also your car. Keep reading to know how you can take care of your car during the summer.

Check hydration (Car Fluids) and Change Oil Filters

Engine oil, transmission oil, brake oil, power-steering fluids and windshield-washer fluids are something you need to keep a check on during summer. As the climate becomes hotter, it is necessary to ensure that your car has enough and good quality fluids to keep it running without any issues.

Keep a Check on the Coolant and Radiator

Your car needs to be as cool as possible during the summer to ensure no breakdowns. The radiator controls the temperature in your car and the coolant makes sure that the temperature remains low. If the radiator malfunctions or your mechanic adds low quality coolant, the car’s temperature can soar through the roof.

Car Tire Evaluation

If you think just filling air in your car tires is enough, then you are wrong. Car tires face the most amount of friction, which becomes worse in summers, as the roads are hot. The worse your roads are, the worse your car tires become. Also, the rise in temperature affects the pressure in your tires. Make sure you keep a check on the tires, especially, if you are planning a trip.

Check and Maintain the Air Conditioning

A properly functioning AC is important for you and your car, in summers. Keep a tab on the average air temperature in your car and compare the same with the air temperature outside the car. If it is 10℃ below the ambient temperature, your AC is fine, or else, you need a trip to the mechanic. Ensure that your car has a good quality refrigerant.

Paint Protection, Looks Protection

Your car’s good looks could be in danger because of its constant exposure to the UV rays in summer. You can use a paint protection polish to add a layer of protection to your car’s sheet metal. It helps in reflecting back the UV rays and preventing any damage to your car paint.

These are a few of the many things you can do to make sure that your car is in pristine condition. The rise in temperatures, the quality of roads or how smooth your journey is going to be is something that is not in our hands. But there’s one thing Kuwy can ensure… a car buying journey as cool as ice. Visit for exciting deals or download the app to find the best car finance solutions.

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