Buying a car is one of the biggest decisions we make in our lives. If you’ve done your research well, you must have come across the importance of timing in the car buying decision. We try to clear the endless debate between year end and new year purchases, penning down an elaborate list of advantages and drawbacks for you. Oh! And before you get to reading, here’s a reminder that no matter what time frame or car you choose, you know Kuwy’s got your back, always!


As the year ends on a festive note, many customers tend to consider buying a car to add to the celebration. Here are a few advantages tagged to a car purchase made in the final months of the year.

1) Great Discounts and Deals

The Automobile industry follows a different calendar for sales, compared to the one we follow. It simply means that new car launches are ideally done in the fall season as opposed to a new year. As a result, many dealerships offer hefty discounts and offers on cars in this festive season. So, if you are looking out for some extra savings, now is the time to make the purchase.

2) Dodge Upcoming Price Hikes

Many companies revise their pricing and feature list in the new year. Customers are often provided a price bait attached to a time limit. If the upcoming latest and greatest features or designs does not fancy you, you can consider to cut the wait and buy the car of your choice, immediately.

3) Better Exchange Deals

In case you are looking for an exchange deal, the year-end brings better value. Before the calendar adds another year to your pre-owned car, evaluate it by your dealer for additional deals on your new purchase.


If you are game for best-in-class features and updated technologies, then patience is the key you need to get your hands on first, before your purchase. Here is a list of things you would miss out on if you buy a car at the end of the year.

1) Future Resale Value Impacted

Vehicles brought at the end of a particular year are considered to be significantly older as compared to a car purchased in the initial month of the new year. This may end up pacing the depreciation of your car, leading to a lesser resale value in the future.

2) A Miss on Updated Features

Most manufacturers make revisions, enhance features and designs of existing cars, giving a valuable upgrade to the car of your choice. These technological and physical upgrades are at a cost but tend to be a profitable addition that attracts a better resale value, eventually.

While we put forward the pros and cons of this debate, the decision to buy or not to buy lies entirely with you. Be it to get an upgrade or a purchase you’ve been wanting to make for a long time, we hope the points we’ve put down help you get a little clarity. Irrational to what time of the year you choose to buy your dream car, we at Kuwy, dedicate every day to serve you better. Download our app or visit to apply for your car loan, anytime, anywhere, at any time of the year on your smartphone.