Five Useful Ideas for First-Time Car Owners in India

When have you owned your first car? Was it a great achievement or just candy in your hands? For most of us, owning a first car is always special. It's like upgrading to the next phase of your goal. May it be a luxury or budget-friendly car or a used car. Though luxury cars are most of everyone's dreams, a majority choose to go for budget-friendly cars. In the current scenario, post Covid-19, India has the maximum number of used cars. 

 Customers have changed their ideas about used cars. Many prefer well-conditioned cars rather than opting to buy new ones. When you want to own a car within your budget, and it's your first car, then used cars are highly recommended. Used car owners will have to least bother about depreciation, insurance, and registration. No waiting and immediate delivery is an add-on bonus!

At present, several dealers are available in the market, and Kuwy found the simplest digital way of purchasing used cars with loan eligibility requirements. So, today we are here to provide a few ideas for first-time car owners in India. And, Indians! Stay focused!

 Buying a new car isn't like getting sugar candy! It involves several procedures and takes at least 90 days of the waiting period. Though used cars reduce 75% of the purchase burden, there are factors to keep in mind. 

 5 Useful Ideas for First-Time Car owners in India

  1. Used Cars/Budget-Friendly Cars:
  • Not everyone will go for used cars until they explore their benefits. Once when the used car word is pronounced, people nod a big "no" due to misconceptions about the car's condition and expectations.
  • The fact is, most of them make a huge mistake by not choosing a used car over a new one. Especially when it's their first car. 
  • Used cars are highly recommended as they take you to the low-budget corner compared to the new car's market value in India. Choose a well-conditioned used car and check the papers for accuracy. That's it, buy it and drive home!
  1. Weather is Important too!
  • If you have driven a car in monsoon, you will know the exact possibilities of maintaining a car. Your dream car takes you to beautiful places that are obvious. 
  • Selecting a car that fits all the seasonal conditions is essential. Check the wheels and the grip on the Indian roads. Marshy roads are challenging as you have to go for a water service even after one drive if your car isn't cooperative.
  • Whether a used car or a new car, few models won't fit certain seasons where the driving becomes extremely uncomfortable, and sometime you will have to call off your trip.
  • So, choose a car that takes you to incredible places with adventurous drives.
  1. Area of Living makes a point too!
  • Where do you live? Is it a narrow street with hidden corners? Does your surrounding pave a way for your car's turn? 
  • Check your surroundings before buying a small or big car. If your street is narrow, and your garage space is smaller, go for a small car.
  • If your area is wider, choose cars like SUVs. Later, you won't end up spending extra on renting a space for your car.
  1. Test Drive is a must!
  • As soon as you hit the showroom, you might fall in love with one of the cars you wanted to drive home. But, wait! Not all cars will suit your driving skills.
  • Go for a test drive and check if the car glides better on the Indian roads and is well-conditioned.
  • Even a luxury car, a new car, or a used car, test drive is a must. It clarifies your doubts and fixes your mind on how to choose the right one.
  1. Indian Roads are not for Racing!
  • If you want to race on Indian roads, then sorry! Not a good idea. Indian roads are not meant for racing. You will have to maintain your speed limit to avoid hurting yourself.
  • It holds factors like weather conditions, maintenance of roads, population, etc. While choosing your first car, ensure to think of gliding on Indian roads rather than racing on it.
  • This prevents accidents and gives you a smooth driving experience by also enhancing driving skills.



Keeping these ideas in mind, feel free to approach Kuwy to select your dream car. With an easy-peasy loan process, you can try loan credits from Kuwy. When you do it right, you will get it right! 

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