Five Must-Know Myths & Facts about Used cars

First-time used car buyers mostly rely on the information provided by their comrades or friends when it comes to an investment. But, the question is, do they get relevant information for which they are waiting? Does the information contain facts? Or most of them are myths? This confusion in customers is quite common and almost 80% of the buyers undergo the same situation. 

 Now, not everyone is right about the facts. As myths are more convincing for the customers, people tend to believe myths are facts. Well, they are not! Facts about used cars ensure customers purchase the vehicle with minimum doubts by assuring the best driving experience. This article entirely focuses on myths and facts that customers are looking from a long time.

5 Must-Know Myths & Facts about Used cars

Myth 1: The resale value of used cars is less

Fact 1: The resale value of the used cars especially depends on the condition of the car, and next comes the manufacturing year. It also depends upon its current condition and maintenance schedule. If you have chosen a car manufactured 5 years back but not maintained well, and you find a car that was manufactured 7 years back but is in very good condition. Choose the latter with good maintenance.

Myth 2: Used cars do not give good mileage

Fact 2: This myth has no logic. Always the condition of the car decides the mileage. If a car has run long journeys, it's likely to be more reliable. When the used cars are well-maintained and have covered a larger distance, you need not spend on repairs. Used cars with large mileage are worth it in good condition.

Myth 3: When you miss the maintenance history, the car is at fault!

Fact 3: Never judge the used car's condition based on the missing maintenance history. If the car is in good condition and runs well, consider it a fair deal for you. Make an attempt to gather information about the car from the manufacturer. Anyways, the first few maintenance services are mandatory as it helps keep the warranty intact. So, maintenance history missing doesn't mean the car is at fault.

Myth 4: The used cars require frequent maintenance

Fact 4: Your smart choice will allow you to choose what's right for you! When kept in good condition, a used vehicle can run smoothly with minimum drawbacks. If you do not know much about used cars, take an opinion from an expert in this field while buying a used car. This would take you to the car you have been dreaming of for a long time.

Myth 5: New cars make good investment than used cars

Fact 5: Your car's depreciation value is not the same as the time you purchase it. This means the monetary value of a car decreases with time. Irrespective of a car being old or new, buying it is not an investment. The resale value of the car will actually be less than the time of purchase. Choosing used cars will automatically save money.

Car Insurance Myths not to believe

  1. The price of a car insurance policy is based on the color of your car.
  2. A car insurance claim will be rejected if the car is damaged due to an “Act of God” which means a natural calamity.
  3. Going for a basic policy is sufficient for small cars
  4. Take a personal accident cover because you have health insurance.
  5. Getting car insurance is a time-consuming job.


Myths can always be deceiving. Knowing the facts will make it easy to go to the right place and right car. Kuwy helps you find the best car you are waiting for. Download the Kuwy app for more assistance.

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