Compare and contrast SUV vs MUV

SUVs have successfully piqued the curiosity of Indian car customers. An SUV, MUV

makes up almost all of the other vehicles on the road. While few people are aware of the differences between an SUV, MUV, and XUV, all three have significant pricing and performance differences.In this blog, let’s understand each segment in detail and know its purpose.

Understanding SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle)

What is SUV?

SUVs are vehicles with bodies that are larger than hatchbacks and are designed to carry more passengers. They are essentially constructed on a truck platform to achieve the goals. They can accommodate more passengers and are stronger, more robust. They are made to be used on subterrain or off-road terrain with high ground clearance. 

Features of SUV:

  1. Suitable for off-road journey, steep climbs, bumpy city drive, comfortable drive.
  2. High Engine Power, Strong body
  3. Seating capacity of 5 or 7 people
  4. Three rows of seats, with the cargo space behind the third row
  5. All-wheel drive
  6. High ground clearance
  7. Longer wheelbase
  8. Somewhat box-like body
  9. High seating position
  10. Less economical than MUVs

Three types of SUV categorization

  1. Compact Sports Utility Vehicle- These types of vehicles are called crossovers, which are usually bigger than mini suvs and smaller than mid-sized suv cars. Popular examples of compact SUVs are Maruti Brezza, Tata Nexon, Tata Punch
  2. Mid-sized Sports Utility Vehicle:

Examples of Mid sized SUV-Kia Seltos, Hyundai Creta

  1. Full sized Sports Utility Vehicle

Example of Full sized SUV- Toyota Fortuner

Did you know?: One of the oldest producers of sports utility vehicles in the world is Jeep.

Understanding MUV/MPV (Multi Utility Vehicle/Multi Purpose Vehicle)

What is MUV/MPV?

MPV is short for multi-purpose vehicle (MPV). This kind of vehicle is primarily made to transport many passengers. Such a car is also referred to as a "minivan" or "multi utility vehicle (MUV)". These cars gained a lot of worldwide acclaim. The primary reason for this is the convenience they provide in terms of the ability to carry either people or cargo.

Features of MUV/MPV:

  1. MPV vehicles use unibody construction and thus are lightweight.
  2. Front wheel drive or Rear wheel drive
  3. Fuel Efficient
  4. Less powerful than SUV
  5. More economical
  6. Better ground clearance
  7. Suitable for urban drive and goods transport
  8. Similar in shape of a Van
  9. Seating capacity of 7-8 persons
  10. Better wheelbase


Comparison of SUV and MPV

Things you should consider before buying SUVs or MPVs

  1. Off road journey:

SUVs stand apart from other cars thanks to their improved off-road ability. I must emphasize this. Have you ever seen the commercials when the SUV climbs a hill and crosses a narrow river? Yes, they were designed specifically for this purpose. If you and your family and friends are always up for an adventure, go for it.

MUVs, on the other hand, don't have that off-road ability. They are appropriate for ordinary roads and highways and, like SUVs, offer a considerable passenger and freight capacity. MUVs offer the same amount of comfort as sedans do on roads with potholes. Despite not being suited for tough terrain, they have more ground clearance than sedans.

  1. Wheel Drive:

SUVs can be equipped with 4WD or AWD (4 Wheel Drive OR All Wheel Drive) systems. SUVs may acquire a substantial amount of traction, stability, and grip on slick conditions thanks to their drivetrains. The weight of these vehicles is increased by these systems.

MUVs, on the other hand, use RWD (Rear Wheel Drive) systems, which direct all of the engine's power to the rear wheels. This is the most common drivetrain and is present in almost all current sedans and hatchbacks.

  1. Mileage:

Large, potent engines are common on SUVs. That makes sense given the motor method, the large number of passengers, and the bags. Additionally, they need greater torque to move through rough terrain. Torque-rich engines consume more fuel. SUVs are consequently far less fuel-efficient!

MUVs are sedan-style vehicles designed to move people and extra luggage over rough terrain rather than up hills. MUVs are therefore slightly more fuel-efficient than SUVs.

  1. Price:

SUVs are so powerful and sporty because of their advanced suspensions, complex drive systems, big engines, and high-grip tyres. However, the more costly something is, the cooler it sounds. An SUV is so expensive for this reason.

MUVs are only marginally more expensive than sedans and less expensive than SUVs.


The choice between the two will be based on a variety of individual considerations, with the vehicle's purpose playing a key role. While SUVs could be a better fit if you're looking for adventure, MUVs are the better choice if you want a big yet attractive car.

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