Best hatchback cars in 2023

Presenting to you, the first automobile review from Kuwy.The blog lists the top vehicles of 2023 in a variety of categories. The reviews are purely factual and do not involve personal or imaginative opinions. 

Buying a new car is exhilarating as well as a time-draining task to do. The purpose of car evaluations or recommendations is to simplify our lives by providing information about which vehicles fall into our best-suited categories. Moreover, it streamlines the choosing process thereby saving time and energy. 

The category to be reviewed is based on size. The topmost cars under hatchback;

  1. Maruti Suzuki Alto- A budget-friendly small car( ranging from 3.5L to 5L) that uses a 796 CC engine and is petrol powered.  The car, when new, offers a combined mileage of 22-32 km/l. No other car has been able to match its efficiency in terms of cost and power. Additionally, it has a CNG variant (a more eco-friendly option) and a variety of colours to choose from.

  2. Maruti Suzuki Celerio- The largest manufacturer in India, Maruti Suzuki, is constantly trying to expand its lineup of reasonably priced yet potent hatchbacks. The Celerio is an excellent option for individuals searching for a tiny yet powerful automobile since it combines a compact design with above-average performance. The Maruti Suzuki Celerio comes in six different variations, with prices ranging from 4L-6L. Using a 986CC engine, it has more power than an Alto but costs more. It also offers better mileage at an average of 30km/L.

  3. Renault Kwid- As a tough competitor for Suzuki, Renault has also been dominating the hatchback market. An 8-inch touchscreen system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility, manual air conditioning, keyless entry, a 12V charging plug for passengers in the back, and rear parking cameras are just a few of the most recent innovations added to the new KWID. The KWID places a high priority on safety and includes a driver-side airbag and rear parking sensors. The price of this car ranges from 4.3L-6L offering a mileage of 22km/l. Although the mileage is less, it has better safety features than Suzuki’s cars.

  4. Tata Tiago- Like Renault, Tiago does not offer as much mileage as Suzuki and yet they’re preferred for their safety. With a petrol engine of 1199cc, Tiago offers a 20km/l. The price range of Tiago is around 5L-8L and this is purely for its performance and safety. Tiago also has a few safety features including dual airbags in the front, corner stability control, and parking sensors in the rear.

  5. Hyundai Grand i10 Nios - One Diesel Engine, One Petrol Engine, and One CNG Engine are Available for the Hyundai Grand i10. The displacement of the diesel, petrol, and CNG engines is all 1186 cc. A bit pricey( 5.82L-8.86L) for this category, it offers an average mileage of 20 km/l. Hyundai has launched an automatic version of Nios.

  6. Maruti Suzuki Swift- The most selling car of all time. Maruti launched its hatchback version to compete against the I10. Maruti Swift's price starts at ₹ 6.96 Lakh and goes up to ₹ 10.33 Lakh (on-road Chennai). Swift comes in 11 variants. With an 1197 CC engine, it has a high-powered performance, it offers a mileage of 2021 Maruti Suzuki Swift 22.38 Km/l* for the petrol variant and 30.90 km/kg for the CNG variant.

  7. Ford Figo
    The Hyundai Grand i10 and Maruti Swift compete with the second-generation Ford Figo. After a major setback, Ford has launched the Figo facelift with mild cosmetic tweaks, feature updates and new engines compared to the outgoing model. In terms of safety, the Figo now comes with dual front airbags and ABS with EBD as standard. The price ranges from 5L to 8L with a mileage of 25.5 km/l.
    In its class, the Ford Figo has always been the sportier option. Ford has increased performance this time around by adding two new, more potent petrol engines to the range, coupled with a new manual transmission.


The reviewed cars belong to the hatchback category. For more reviews, wait for the next blogs which will cover the other sizes in cars. Each car has its pros and cons and its essential to have full knowledge before purchasing them. The features of each are the takeaway of this writing.

Happy and fun learning. 


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