A Complete Guide to Car Diagnosis with Warning Lights

Cars are your daily partners, and your drives and schedules depend on them when you own them. At the same time, paying attention to your car's health is most important. Usually, cars showcase symptoms of an underlying problem that might affect their best performance. In a common circumstance, it's very specular for various lights to pop up on your dashboard from time to time, and while some of us might choose to ignore them, they are warnings of an underlying problem. 


This article provides a complete guide on the most common warning lights on your dashboard to take the right action at an appropriate time. 

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Check Engine Lights:

  • A yellow light that indicates or warns of the engine problem is termed a check engine light. You don’t have to pull over immediately when the check engine light appears, better to check the engine at the earliest for signs of underlying engine issues such as low oil pressure or overheating. 
  • This light appears when your gas cap is open, loose, or cracked, causing fuel to evaporate, or when there is an issue with the emission system.

Engine Temperature Warning:

  • A balance temperature is necessary to deliver the best performance. The temperature gauge on your dashboard is designed to give you an idea about the real-time engine temperature, the temperature warning light pops up only in emergencies. 
  • Ensure to pull over when you experience an engine temperature warning light. The situation occurs due to engine temperature warning light means that your engine is overheated. 

Oil Pressure Warning Light:

  • Engine oil is a part of a car's engine, and if you ever experience an oil pressure warning light popping up on your dashboard, it could mean that your car’s oil pressure has dropped and enough oil isn’t getting into your car’s system. 
  • As engine oil is a crucial element for a car, driving your car despite the oil pressure warning can lead to some serious and permanent damage. 

Tyre Pressure Warning Light:

  • It's highly important for you to maintain your tire pressure as per your manufacturer’s recommended pressure levels for better fuel economy, tyre grip, and longer tyre life.
  • In a few cars, the tyre pressure warning light pops up when the pressure in one or more tyres is lower than its required level. 
  •  So, when the tire pressure warning light comes up ensure to visit the nearest air filling station and get your tyres topped up with air to maintain the best tire pressure and improve your drive experience.

ABS Warning Light:

  • The Anti-lock braking system Warning light is a vital element to look out for. The Anti-Lock braking system is a safety feature that halts your wheels from locking up during hard braking, making you lose control of your car.
  • It could mean that there is an issue with the ABS that needs to be resolved to ensure maximum safety while driving.

Airbag Warning Light:

  • Airbags are the highest priority for any car driver as it ensures the safety of passengers from injuries and crashes. The Airbag Warning Light appears when one or all of your airbags are faulty or if there is an overall fault in the airbag system.

Battery Alert Light:

  • The car battery is a powerhouse that juices up your car’s electronic systems. The Battery Alert Light comes up to show an issue with the vehicle’s battery and/or charging system.
  • The warning light alert might also show that you have a loose and/or damaged battery cable or even a broken alternator.



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