It is safe to say that 2020 has changed everything. From consumer behaviour to buying needs, the business landscape has evolved with the new normal. And this new normal is here to stay. Safety and security has become of utmost importance, and consumers are making the shift to e-commerce and digital buying platforms to fulfil their needs while keeping their loved ones safe.

With the intention to ensure this, at Kuwy, we bring you a host of digital auto loan products. Why cars and auto-loans? Because if you have to step out even during these tough times, we want you to be safe. A car gives you that protection and ensures a decent amount of safety. Here’s how we are doing our bit in the current times.

Affordable, Pre-owned Cars at Kuwy

As you know, at Kuwy, we are dedicated to provide you easy car finance options, online, even for pre-owned cars. The thought behind this decision was quite straightforward. We want each and every person to be able to afford and drive their dream car, especially in the pandemic-laden times. A car of your own ensures safety. And a pre-owned car of your own ensures this within your budget. No stress, only safety.

Get Loan Now, Buy Your Car Later

Safety is a priority, no matter what. Hence, staying indoors is the best option for you and your family right now. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t buy a car. At Kuwy, we provide pre-approved car loans. This means you can apply for an auto-loan via the Kuwy Loan Card feature, and get a pre-approved loan today. You can always buy your car later, when the curve flattens a bit. Basically, all you need to acquire your dream for that safe ride, is in your hands… your smart phone! Best thing ever, right?

Easy Loans for You and Everyone

The pandemic has affected everyone, so why can’t safety be ensured for everyone? Fulfilling this thought with a solution, at Kuwy, we have decided to provide easy loans for our customers. This means that even if you have a low credit score, you can apply for a car loan at Kuwy. If you have valid documents, nothing can stop you from getting a car for the safety of you and your family. Just fill in the necessary details, and get your loan approved.

These are unprecedented times. The best we can do as individuals is to stay safe and help everyone within our boundaries. And at Kuwy, this is how we do it. Visit or download the Kuwy app on your Android or iOS device. Lastly, we hope you are safe and healthy in the current uncertain times! Stay away from crowds and take all the precautions. Be extra careful and pay close attention to your health and that of your loved ones.